Bachelor in Business Administration(BBA)

Departmental Achievements

Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) is a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and business administration .

Career opportunities

Students of the BBA program may seek career opportunities in the following areas :

General Management : General Management , Operations and Control , International Business, Information Technology and BPO .

Marketing : Sales & Distribution , Market Research , Advertising & Communications ,Promotion Management

Finance : Corporate Finance & Control , Risk Management , Project Management , Funds Management , International Finance , Investment Management , Banking & Financial Services .

HRM : HR Administration, Communication & Employee Relations , Recruitment & Training , Organization Development , Psychographic Analysis

IT & Systems : Management Information Systems , Database Management Systems , Systems Analysis & Design , IT Project Management , Software Engineering , Quality Management , Enterprise Resource Planning , Data Warehousing & Data Mining , Disaster Recovery .

Masters of Business Administration(MBA)

If an individual wants to develop skills to succeed in almost any type of business but haven't decided on a specific direction, a Master of Business Administration is a great idea. MBA is designed to provide a focused ability to manage an office environment as a project leader or to further his career into a senior position within that office.

* MBA students who specialize in ACCOUNTING can apply to work in public, private and Government accounting. Job titles include accountant, accounting manager, financial accounting consultant.

* MBA students who specializes in FINANCE get employed as financial analyst, budget analyst, finance officer, financial manager, financial planner, investment banker.

* MBA students who specializes in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY become project managers, information technology managers, and information systems managers.

* MBA students who specializes in MARKETING become marketing manager, branding specialist advertising executive, public relations specialist, marketing analyst.